Monday, October 25, 2004

Closing Out the End-Game

The razor-close, hard-fought, and months-long contest comes down to the final week of bitter struggle.

Nothing less than the course of history hangs in the balance. And, despite the universality of our national pastime, I’m not talking about the Red Sox vs. Cardinals.

This is the election of the century.

Vladimir Putin understands the stakes. He, like Bush, has had the cold, dull knife of radical Islamism thrust into the soft heart of his body politic. The slaughtered bodies of the Beslan children, along with the Trade Center victims, are the future horrors made real for us to live through today.

But John Kerry says 9/11 hasn’t changed him. He of summits and diplomacy, of “thoughtfulness” and “sensitivity,” of terrorism as “nuisance” and “global tests”. . . my fellow Americans, this country needs an electoral outcome that is decisive and unambiguous.

Either we reaffirm our willingness as a nation to overcome the pathology of radical Islam and its tyrant-enablers or we slink away to become another stooge in Jacques Chirac’s U.N. parlor game.

Fear mongering? Visualize these fanatics with nukes.

So how to run up the score and demoralize the opposition? Like Foulke or Isringhausen, a couple of high and hard four-seamers is a start – and it’s Kerry and the Mainstream Media who have initiated this week’s battle.

Bush needs to fight back hard and fast. Whether or not this story is the DUI of 2004, it must be countered with similar shots to Kerry’s credibility, be it phantom U.N. meetings, his mental demons, or his pacifist record. Parallel this track with the optimistic rhetoric of Schwarzenegger and the straight talk (sic) of McCain in joint Bush appearances, and stay on the offensive.

This week is the World Series of Hardball. Catch it.