Sunday, October 03, 2004

"Hey, Why The Long Face?"

John Kerry walks into a bar and orders a drink. Bar tender says - "Hey, why the long face?"

bada bing.

But is Kerry's Scream-like visage an impediment to electoral viability?

Not on the face of it. I think Americans can eventually accept a botoxed, peeled, orange, and capped-teeth countenance for our president.

But it cannot accept an "America-as-chief-nuclear-proliferator" world vision. What does Kerry have to offer to a body politic that is re-awakening to the uniqueness of its narrative? What's his One Big Idea? Kerry is so enamored with process, you wonder if he's more interested in the perks of the office (weekends in Gstaad, brunch at the Louvre, tea with Mrs. Chirac) than the potential to make history.

John Kerry needs a Big (Positive) Idea. Otherwise his gloom will be forever stamped on his periodically-wrinkled forehead.