Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kerry Foreign Policy: Passion Fruit

When confronted with Duelfer's conclusion that Saddam intended to resume his WMD program as sanctions wore on and lost their effectiveness, Kerry responds:

"But we wouldn't let them (sanctions) just fritter away. . . You've got a guy who's dangerous, you've got a guy you suspect is going to do something, you don't lift the sanctions, that's the fruits of good diplomacy."

What's startling about this comment, much like his "global test" gaffe, is that it starkly communicates his true passion: the trappings, the process, the pageantry, and the global-chic of diplomacy as an end in itself. Process over results, form over substance, appearance over taste.

Kerry would rather stick to a failing process of diplomacy than address the harsh realities of a maniacal despot who is bent on restoring his reign of terror through bribes, intimidation, and obfuscation.

"Dateline 2005: President Kerry today arrived in Geneva to meet with EU diplomats to draft a communique of understanding between the United Nations, the U.S., and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi for a normalization of relations, including a cultural exchange program and a commitment to more development aid."

Fruit ripens, becomes bitter, then whithers away. In a Kerry administration, don't bruise the fruit.