Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mustering the Slacker Army

Michael Moore has plans for those of you who will be voting in Ohio and Florida.

A slacker army of 1200 cameramen has been mustered and will descend upon polling places in these battleground states to intimidate the supposed intimidators, although the only evidence of voter suppression in the last election was the premature call of Florida for Gore.

Instead of exercising one's universal right to suffrage, voters in those states will be unwittingly exercising their rights to be extras in Moore's next film and litigants in David Boies' latest fishing expedition.

The circus is in town, and this carnival barker has dubbed himself the guarantor of the election. After proving to be Osama's most articulate spokesman, he's having himself quite a year.

The only thing more absurd would be a U.N. task force passing judgement on Americans performing their civic duties. Oh, wait. . .