Monday, October 18, 2004

Persuading the Undecided in 250 Words or Less

Why vote for Bush?

1) The Islamic World is in a death struggle between its 7th Century ideology (Islamist Fascism) and the realities of Modernity (i.e. pluralism, individual rights, secularism).

2) This civil war has been brought to the Homeland of the United States. In fact, the most critical front of this Islamic civil war – both physically and intellectually - is the body politic of the United States.

3) The introduction of catastrophic weapons into this war, coupled with the burning desire of the Islamic Fascists to inflict mass casualties on Western “infidels” (and their absence of a moral governor to inhibit the scope of any such action) means that this is the gravest challenge that the U.S. has ever faced.

4) The only way to defeat the Islamists is through their physical elimination, as their ideology is completely irrational and immune to deterrence.

5) Should the Islamists prevail, or create a permanently cowed world in which mass casualties are used as a tool of intimidation, it will mean the end of Western Civilization and the beginning of a modern Dark Ages.

6) George W. Bush understands 1-5.

7) George W. Bush will not hesitate to summon all of the powers of the U.S. government to proactively defeat the Islamist Fascists, thereby removing this grave threat.

What’s wrong with Kerry?

1) John Kerry does not understand 1-5, and will not summon all of the powers of the U.S. to proactively defeat the Islamist Fascists, thereby increasing this grave threat. QED.