Sunday, October 24, 2004

"Presidential IQs for $500, Alex"

Ken Jennings: "Let's take Presidential IQs for $500, Alex"
Alex Trebec: "This 2004 presidential candidate had the highest IQ of the two opponents, ranking in the 95th percentile."
Ken Jennings: (buzz)
Alex Trebec: "Ken"
Ken Jennings: "Who is John Kerry?"
Alex Trebec: "No, I'm sorry, that is not correct."

The distinguished Senator from Massachusetts, who promised us a "smarter" war on terror, a more "thoughtful" foreign policy, and a more "sensitive" approach to our allies, who wrote a book about international terror rings years before 9/11, who went to Yale, who single handedly went to Paris and engaged the North Vietnamese, who wouldn't have "outsourced" the job at Tora Bora, who speaks in self-reverential tones and phrases that find new ways of qualifying and applying nuance, and who pronounces "Genghis" with a soft "G", is a dunce compared to George W. Bush.

Michael Moore, take your head out of the oven.

Even the Main Stream Media has had to acknowledge that conventional wisdom has been turned on its own pointy head. When does W. get his honorary Doctorate from Harvard's JFK School of Government? When does the NY Times Book Review do a feature on George W., politician-sage?

But those of us who understand the difference between intelligence and common sense have always known that it never was about IQ points but about horse sense: when we're attacked by Islamist Fascists with an ideology of Death and a hankering for nukes, you don't convene peace conferences in Geneva.

And now for Final Jeopardy: Answer: "This politician defeated the radical Islamists, freed 50 million people, removed tyrannical despots, stopped weapons of mass destruction programs, and set the Mid East on a course for pluralism and democracy.

You know the right Question.