Thursday, November 04, 2004

Did Gavin Newsom Re-Elect Bush?

A theme running through the MSM election post-mortems is that cultural issues, and religious values in particular, were the driving force behind Bush’s popular vote majority - vividly illustrated by electoral maps at the state, and more impressively, at the county level, bathed in a sea of red.

Pollsters who identified the religious/non-religious split between Bush and Kerry voters explained that this energy was summoned up within the rural and suburban communities and focused on the question of sanctioning gay marriages, where state constitution amendments were on the ballot in eleven states.

If it weren’t for this divisive social issue that stirs the passions, Bush would not have been able to capitalize on the religious-right’s fears of same-sex marriage being codified into law.

And this issue might not have become the rallying cry for the fundamentalists had Gavin Newsom, boy-wonder mayor of San Francisco, not chosen to ignore California’s own laws and issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, thereby opening the floodgates for other states and municipalities.

59 million people turned out to slap down the upstart, and overly-ambitious, democratic poster-boy from the Sodom and Gomorrah of the West.

Interesting theory. But it is a rationale meant to circumscribe Bush’s victory, and conveniently ignores the greatest challenge of this generation, the fight against Islamist fascism and terror.

Contrary to the hysterics of coddled pundits, millions of mainstream Bush voters (MSBVs) went to the polls and voted 1) to aggressively pursue the War on Terror despite the ugliness and messiness of war, 2) to reject the America-as-evil-empire moral equivalence of the Michael-Moore Left, 3) to reinforce the individual’s control over their financial destiny through Social Security reform, Medical Savings Accounts, and lower taxes, 4) and to limit the judicial fiat of activist judges in matters that affect the social fiber of the nation.

You don’t have to be a Bible-toting caricature of a right-wing zealot to ascribe to these principles.

This rationale more fully captures the true motivations of Tuesday’s voters. If same-sex marriage was the deciding factor, then gays would not have voted for Bush in the same percentages as they did in 2000.

We have seen a profound shift in the body politic, with the credibility of the Mainstream Media, the radical Left, and major elements of the Democratic Party being called into account. For the good of the nation, the Democrats need to respond by offering alternative means to achieving these worthy goals, not by misrepresenting the character of the MSBV.


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