Thursday, November 18, 2004

Le Conference de Chirac

Shaking Spears provides a free translation service for those readers interested in Jacques Chirac's press conference in London, as reported by the BBC:

Dateline: London, 11/18/04

French President Jacques Chirac has called for a sounder and fairer international order based on a reformed and strengthened United Nations. Speaking in London, Mr Chirac said a world based on "the logic of power" would lead to conflict. (translation: our aircraft carrier is still in dry dock, and any conflict would require us to transport troops in this.)

He said the West could not impose its values on the world and confuse democratisation and Westernisation. (translation: If France could welcome the Nazis in WWII, oppressed peoples of the world should accept their fate as well.)

"Granted, it is still possible to organise the world based on a logic of power," Mr Chirac told a gathering sponsored by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. (translation: The gauche Texan ignores me. And they're winning.)

"Yet experience has taught us that this type of organisation is, by its very definition, unstable and sooner or later leads to crisis or conflict," he said. (translation: Don't slam the doors while we're cooking souffles.)

He said that to create a fairer world order no state could act independently. (translation: We're rapidly falling behind economically, even before the admission of Turkey to the E.U., and we intend to drag you down with us.)

"It is by recognising the new reality of a multi-polar and interdependent world that we will succeed in building a sounder and fairer international order," Mr Chirac said. (translation: Anti-Americanism sells in France, and as long as I'm President, I'm not in jail.)

We must work together to revive multilateralism, a multilateralism based on a reformed and strengthened United Nations (translation: Kofi's Oil for Food program was our meal ticket.)

The French president called for enlarging both the permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council to represent "new balances" in the world. (translation: Don't kick us off the permanent Security Council in favor of India.)

Earlier, speaking to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mr Chirac said the war on Iraq had not made the world more secure. "There's no doubt that there has been an increase in terrorism and one of the origins of that has been the situation in Iraq," he said. (translation: Don't trace the surge in anti-Semitic attacks in France to my hijab policy or my anti-Americanism.)

"I'm not at all sure that one can say that the world is safer." (translation: Have you read de Villepin's poetry?)