Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Secular President

Reconcile this:

1) The modern Left has never fought harder against an American president on the grounds that Bush is forcing religious intolerance down their throats and attempting to establish a pseudo theocracy.

2) George W. Bush, supposed puppet of the Evangelical Right, has done more for the cause of global Secularism than the combined efforts of the modern Left in toto.

Or, as Christopher Hitchens so effectively captures this contradiction, "the left apologizes for religious fanatics. The president fights them."

And this from one of the Left's leading intellectuals.

Recognizing that the Global War on Terror is a fight against an Islamic Fascism that is wedded to a cult of death, Hitchens continues: "Only one faction in American politics has found itself able to make excuses for the kind of religious fanaticism that immediately menaces us in the here and now. And that faction, I am sorry and furious to say, is the left."

The Taliban ruthlessly destroyed historic Buddha statues, executed "heretics" that didn't wear their beards long enough, shrouded their women and kept them from being educated, promoted honor killings, and subjugated 20 million people in a 7th century barbaric hell, and yet Bush is the religious extremist.

The left's apologetics for the Islamo-fascists have lost all intellectual coherence:

"from the first day of the immolation of the World Trade Center, right down to the present moment, a gallery of pseudointellectuals has been willing to represent the worst face of Islam as the voice of the oppressed. How can these people bear to reread their own propaganda? Suicide murderers in Palestine—disowned and denounced by the new leader of the PLO—described as the victims of "despair." The forces of al-Qaida and the Taliban represented as misguided spokespeople for antiglobalization. The blood-maddened thugs in Iraq, who would rather bring down the roof on a suffering people than allow them to vote, pictured prettily as "insurgents" or even, by Michael Moore, as the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers. If this is liberal secularism, I'll take a modest, God-fearing, deer-hunting Baptist from Kentucky every time."

And Hitchens ominously warns:

"We have seen it at work on the streets of our own cities, and most recently on the streets of Amsterdam. We know that the obscene butchery of filmmaker Theo van Gogh was only a warning of what is coming in Madrid, London, Rome, and Paris, let alone Baghdad and Basra."

The fascists are already threatening further mayhem should the Dutch actually begin to fight back against this cult of death. Given that it's the artists, writers, and intelligentsia that are the first to be attacked by the Islamists, when will we see more Hitchens-like conversions from the American left?

I'm not holding my breath.