Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Under the Radar

In the wake of this past election season's humiliation of the Main Stream Media (e.g. Rathergate, exit polls, missing Iraq explosives, ABC News memos ordering a tilt to Kerry, the NYTimes, etc.), it's up to pajama-clad bloggers to point out recent critical news stories that went under the radar but are as important as the lead in Peter Jennings' broadcast:

1) Missile defense deployment: the U.S. is quietly deploying a missile defense system to defend against intercontinental ballistic missiles potentially armed with nukes. Read this, and ignore the snotty commentary.

2) Resumption of six-nation talks on North Korea: Kerry twisted himself in knots calling for multi-lateralism in Iraq but bi-lateralism with Korea. While he was twisting, Kim Jong-Il gleefully ignored international pressure, waiting for Kerry to win and prostrate himself in Pyongyang. Bush won, and this is the result.

3) The suicide of the European Union: Belgium is the latest "country" in the E.U. to demonstrate its fecklessness in the face of the Islamo-fascist threat. Their leading party was "banned"(!) because it objected to female genital mutilation in Islamic countries. How dare they.

4) Blowout Jobs Report: Reuters chokes on having to report a blow-out jobs report, proving that the economy is steaming ahead. 337,000 new jobs mysteriously appear after the election.

5) Madonna's Foreign Policy: Oh wait, this got TONS of press! Glad the media is covering the things that matter.