Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Battle Is Brewing

Obviously Michael Moore didn't get the Peter Beinart memo:

"What 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and Bruce Springsteen and MoveOn and all the other people that were working during this election, what we did was we prevented a Bush landslide," Moore said. "We're all going to continue to do this in the near future. No one's giving up."
Besides providing lifetime material for the blogosphere, Moore's rigorous defense of his activism and worldview guarantees a bloody civil war within the Democratic party.

With leaders like Terry McAuliffe clumsily using Pearl Harbor to score cheap political points, Harry Reid revealing his racism (Scalia=smart/Thomas=dumb lackey. . . despite two other pairs of Justices who are more likely to vote together), and Howard Dean calling for "destination, not direction," (?) - one gets the feeling that this party is desperately avoiding the elephant in the room.

Ante-bellum, the elephant was slavery. In this intra-party political war, its the Global War on Terror and whether the U.S. is ordained to fight it. There's a battle brewing between the doves and hawks, and somebody in the Democratic party has to fire the first shot at Fort Sumter.

Hillary Clinton thinks she's on the attack by focusing on immigration reform, but that's a diversion. Unless the Democrats get in the GWOT game, the wreckage of their party will be as ugly as Sherman's march to Savannah.