Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Metaphysics of Tsunamis

The horror and destruction of the tsunami that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia is now becoming more fully known, with death estimates rising past 40,000.
Without trivializing the sorrow of those affected by the calamity, we are already seeing the agenda-mongers begin to whine and bleat, and it isn't pretty:
Environmentalists are casting this event as the natural outcome of global warming. If we had adopted Kyoto, the tsunami would have just been another radical wave good for a hang-ten.
The U.N. bureaucrats have decided that it's the U.S.' fault, given our stingy ways with foreign aid, and our over-investment in the military-industrial complex. Less tanks, more plate tectonic protection.
Bill Clinton is using the tsunami to campaign for Kofi Annan's job. If we get the U.N. out of the U.S., maybe we let him have it.
And the wankers over at the Guardian cite this natural phenomenon as de facto evidence of a godless universe. Ah yes, nature might be indifferent to my well-being, ergo God is dead. Didn't we address this in High School?
It all makes one want to vacation on a secluded island in the Indian ocean. . . . .