Sunday, January 09, 2005

Changing the Equation

Torture or Freedom plane?

Newsweek is reporting that a new strategy is being considered in Iraq, called the “Salvador Option,” which entails arming nationalist “death squads” of Kurdish fighters and Shiite militiamen who would seek out insurgents and their sympathizers, and neutralize them. These groups, supported by U.S. special forces teams, would be empowered to cross the Syrian border if necessary.

By calling this strategy – which I would be surprised is not already in place – the “Salvador Option,” Newsweek has conveniently drawn parallels to Iraq and the killings of the four American nuns in 1980 which galvanized opposition to support for the Contras.

Regardless of Newsweek’s hyperventilation, we need to change the equation in Iraq and have the Sunni population pay a price for overtly or tacitly supporting the insurgents/terrorists.

And offense is better than defense. And the time is now, just a few weeks in front of the election. The coalition forces need to put the insurgents back on their heels rather than waiting for the next car bomb.

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media is doing all it can to extend the torture story. The Chicago Tribune, along with all the major outlets, is reporting that it has located the CIA’s “torture” plane that ferries Al-Qaeda fighters and other high value terrorists to locations that aren’t that hung up about water-boarding. Daily Kos has picked up the story and makes sure that the plane's tail number is well known as the CIA attempts to maintain its cover. What's interesting is that this jet isn't a 747, but a sleek Gulfstream with a seating capacity of maybe 12. I sleep better at night knowing that our fifth estate knows which bones to pick in the big scheme of things. . .