Monday, February 28, 2005

Questions for the Wichita Police

The BTK killer has been apprehended, and this guy's profile fits everyone's expectations. It's easy to say "why didn't you catch this guy earlier?," but I have to ask "WHY DIDN'T YOU CATCH THIS GUY EARLIER?!!!":

1) It was clear that the killer was male and lived within Wichita and its suburbs for many years
2) Wichita and its suburbs have a total population of only 300,000
3) It had been determined that the killer went to Wichita State University
4) It was clear that the killer had a detailed knowledge of the area, its geography, and its streets
5) It was clear that the suspect would have routine or official access to people's property and homes
6) One of the victims lived on the suspect's street
7) The killer's voice was caught on a 911 tape
8) The killer had sent numerous communications over the years to authorities, pleading for more attention

The suspect, a Wichita State University grad and 30-year Wichita resident, is a code enforcement officer who routinely snooped around people's property, taking pictures. Neighbors described him as strange, "two-sided," and prone to odd behavior. If this guy wasn't on someone's suspect list, then they should be fired.

One other, unsettling note. This guy kept some of the belongings of his victims, and spent a lot of time over the years communicating to authorities. I remember a scene in the great movie "The Dead Zone" where Christopher Walken divines that the mother of the serial killer knew of her son's activities. This may be grossly unfair, but I want to know what the wife knew.

Update: Here's a video - he apparently also worked as a home alarm technician.