Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Stunning Revelation. . .

from DailyKos:

"One of my dirty little secrets -- I read very few books. In fact, the only time I read books is when I'm traveling, at the airport and on a plane. There are only two authors I have ever gone out of my way to read everything they've written -- Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr."
Now I've enjoyed the writings of both Thompson and Vonnegut, but for the Left's leading blogvoice to confess to a reading list that is limited to these two writers is another indicator of the intellectual paralysis and myopia that has gripped that side of the political spectrum.

A side comment on Vonnegut: I attended one of his few speaking engagements in the late 80's, as he was a favorite of mine at the time (he since has become overwhelmingly morose and misanthropic, never able to shake his experience during WWII when he witnessed the firebombing of Dresden as a POW).

During the lecture he explained that all stories map to the shape of either a "V," in which the protagonist starts off with good fortune, falls into predicament (the bottom of the "V"), and then heroically recovers, or an inverted "V" in which the protagonist starts off in bad circumstances, achieves success (top of the inverted "V"), and then ends in his misfortune.

Vonnegut concluded his lecture by explaining that his stories didn't map to these universal truths, but resembled a flat line at the bottom of a page. You can see why Vonnegut just might be the next Thompson.

More interesting insights on Thompson here from TigerHawk: