Thursday, March 24, 2005

ABC News Crucifies Terry Schiavo

Yesterday I was driving to work when I heard the ABC national polling director on the network feed explain, in authoritative tones, that the effort to save Terry Schiavo was out of step with American public opinion. Citing the results of their new poll, this authority on the collective consciousness of America definitively stated that a 63%-28% plurality favored removing Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube.

I was stunned by their polling result, and began to question my own, conflicted instincts.

But it, like almost everything else it spews forth,
was a manufactured lie.

Nor did the polling question mention that she
anticipates pain. Or that her face smiles and brightens in response to familiar persons, and laughs with others. Or that she experiences the pain of menstruation, and is comforted with aspirin. I heard her recorded voice when her feeding tube was extracted and I don’t believe it was purely a reflex.

I’m not prone to religious imagery, and this is not meant as a metaphor:

ABC News is crucifying Terry Schiavo. They are a modern day Roman centurion that has taken a vinegar-soaked spear and thrust it into her side.