Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Can't We All Just Get Along?

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - An Egyptian stabbed a Hungarian man and woman,
slightly wounding them, after the couple kissed while pausing for a photograph
near a mosque at Cairo's popular tourist bazaar, police said Tuesday.

KAMPALA (Reuters) - Hundreds of Ugandan Muslims have demonstrated
in the capital to protest a proposed restriction on polygamy they see as an
affront to their religion.Under Islamic law, a Muslim man is allowed to take up
to four wives, as long as he can provide for all of them equally. But a domestic
relations bill being debated by Uganda's parliament says Ugandan Muslims should
have to seek approval from their first wife before marrying again.

"Islamic law has been there since it was passed on from Allah to the Prophet Mohammed, it cannot be re-written now," one of the protesters, Bukulu Haruna, told Reuters on Tuesday.