Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Grim Realities

The grim realities of Terry Schiavo's death are starting to surface.

George Felos, who has the audacity to patronize the public and spin the realities of Terry's condition in direct contradiction of her own family, has let it slip:

Felos said Terri "has never been on a morphine drip." She has received two small doses of five miligrams of morphine a week ago and on Sunday, but not for pain relief, he added without elaborating.

"Without elaborating." Let me speculate: The expected convulsions from dehydration have begun. The moaning we hear referenced by her family is real, and her mind and body are struggling to stay alive. It serves neither side to pretend that her death is purely a peaceful interlude.

And Felos' attempt to fuzzy-up the lens, zoom-out slowly, and have Terry fade to black ain't going to wash.