Thursday, March 31, 2005

He's A Nutter

Psychic Powers
I knew it. Felos is a nut job.
That soft, sing-songy voice, the tilted head, the manufactured look of empathy, the half-smile, the attempts to paint Schiavo's starvation as some sort of warm and fuzzy event removed from the physical sphere, all come from a guy who, in his first right-to-die case, wrote this:
I felt the midsection of my body open and noticed a strange quality
to the light in the room. I sensed her soul in agony. As she screamed I heard
her say, in confusion, "Why am I still here ... Why am I here?" My soul touched
hers and in some way I communicated that she was still locked in her body. I
promised I would do everything in my power to gain the release her soul cried
for. With that, the screaming immediately stopped. I felt like I was back in my
head again, the room resumed its normal appearance, and Mrs. Browning, as she
had throughout this experience, lay silent.
He seems to be regularly in touch with the non-physical world:
Felos claims to have used his mental powers to cause a plane he was
passenger on to nearly crash. By simply asking himself, "I wonder what it would
be like to die right now?" the plane's autopilot program mysteriously ceased to
function and the plane descended into free fall. Felos then observed, "At that
instant a clear, distinctly independent and slightly stern voice said to me, 'Be
careful what you think. You are more powerful than you realize.' In quick
succession I was startled, humbled and blessed by God's admonishment."
Apparently Felos seeks out these cases in order to self-stimulate his spiritual release:
"As I continued to stay beside Mrs. Browning at her nursing home
bed, I felt my mind relax and my weight sink into the ground. I began to feel
lightheaded as I became more reposed. Although feeling like I could drift into
sleep, I also experienced a sense of heightened awareness."
At least Kevorkian has the guts to own up to his convictions. Felos just gets off on the whole thing while billing $400 per hour.
The French call it "le petite morte"; Felos calls it a day at the office.