Monday, March 21, 2005

I Know Dylan Is Multi-Dimensional, But...

...this is taking things a little too far:

Bob Dylan has finally given permission to a Hollywood studio to
make a film about his life. He will be portrayed by seven actors – one of them a
black woman.

It is traditional in films spanning a lifetime for characters to be played by more than one actor, but rare for them to change sex or race. (Director) Haynes is considering female actors, including the pop singer Beyonce Knowles, the tennis champion Venus Williams and the television presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Interesting. Venus Williams goes electric at Newport. Oprah lets it rip on the harmonica. Beyonce rides into town in the Rolling Thunder Review. Don't people realize that the only thing Dylan has played straight is his songs (and never the same way live) and his recent memoir? Everything else is a diversion to throw you off his scent. He won't let you know him outside of his art, only occasional glimpses on his own terms.

That being said, does this mean I've got a shot at playing Tina Turner?