Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Limits of Rockstar-dom

Dissed in Uganda
Bob Geldof has his heart in the right place. But now that Live Aid is a distant memory, and after being eclipsed by Bono as the Rockstar/Robin Hood-for-the-Third World, he has to put up with certain indignities. His latest effort to effect change in Uganda by calling for Presidential term limits has created a backlash:

Hundreds of people have marched through the streets of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, to protest Sir Bob Geldof's call for the president (Museveni) to step down.

They held placards which read: "Geldof sober up and shut up", "No to drug addicts and Rock Homos." (link)
Ouch. There are plenty of Rockstars that deserve those comments, I'm not sure Geldof is one of them. For example, he had the guts to publically give Bush credit for his commitment to Aids:
"Clinton talked the talk and did diddly squat, whereas Bush doesn't talk but does deliver." (Link)
Geldof has had a tumultuous personal life, watching his wife Paula Yates run off with Michael Hutchence of the band INXS, who subsequently committed suicide. Yates eventually died of a drug overdose, leaving him in charge of their three kids and one child from the Hutchence union.
Geldof still works on Africa aid and debt-relief, working under the radar while Bono takes the limelight. I was never a fan of his music, but I give him credit for committing to his moral passion and walking the walk for those who are weak and dying - not unlike those undertaking the vigil in Florida.
It seems to me that it's going to take a Bob Geldof type organizing a new "Live Aid for Terry Schiavo" if Terry is going to make it through the weekend.