Friday, April 01, 2005

Give This Man His Due

Funniest Man On Television
Ryan Stiles is the funniest man on television. His improv work on "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" has got to rank up there with the greats, but he doesn't seem to get the acclaim of a Jim Carrey or Robin Williams. I've been watching WLII re-runs on a cable channel and he's dead on every night. He and his improv sidekick Colin Mochrie have developed a hilarious symbiosis that never seems forced or false. I haven't watched the Drew Carey show, so I don't know how he comes across in a character role, but he truly is King of the Improv.
WLII isn't in production any longer (although the re-runs are on nightly), and Stiles apparently isn't working. How can that be? Give this man his due, he needs a show.