Friday, April 08, 2005

Great Movie Gaffes

Michael Corleone fully revived

All of the Vatican coverage on TV has reminded me of the uneven movie Godfather III, which includes one of my favorite movie gaffes.

Pacino and Coppolla are great artists, but Coppolla can get real sloppy. In the movie, Michael Corleone is giving an impromptu confession to a Cardinal in an outdoor courtyard at the Vatican.

Michael suffers from diabetes, and during their discussion he suddenly lapses into a diabetic stroke. As he collapses, he frantically tells the Cardinal he needs sugar.

The Cardinal claps three times, and in a flash a servant miraculously appears from the shadows carrying a silver tray with a full pitcher of fructose-laden orange juice and a dozen Milky Way bars, carefully arranged.

Michael grabs the bars, quickly rips them open, chomps on a couple bites, and then slurps down a nice cold tall one of Florida’s finest. Total elapsed time from onset to fully ingested Milky Way is about ten seconds.

Maybe this is standard operating procedure at the Vatican, servants waiting behind each pillar with sugary sweets to respond to any potential diabetic attack. But my suspension of disbelief for the movie evaporated for the next 15 minutes.

Do you have any other examples?