Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's With The Segway?

Gimmick or Innovation?
How come we don't see streets teeming with Segways? It seems like a nifty gadget, environmentally friendly, electrically powered, capable of speeds past 12 miles per hour, and looks like a lot of fun...can't someone find a market for it? Two years past its European introduction, the BBC is asking why it's not a big hit:
"But walking is free, natural and we all know how to do it, so why
pay thousands for a Segway?" he says. "And if you don't want to walk why not get
a bike, again it's much cheaper. The Segway doesn't seem to have massive
practical benefits over other products or our own legs.
And then you've got the minor problem of its legality. Only electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are allowed on sidewalks. And with a price tag in the thousands of dollars, you want to be able to use it outside of your backyard. Marketing tends to be focused around warehouses, golfcourses, and airports.
Maybe they should be focusing more on this niche. Why haven't you bought a Segway?