Saturday, June 25, 2005

Close Encounters?

My 6th grade teacher in elementary school told our class a story about his encounter with space aliens.

He was sitting around a campfire while out camping with a friend and suddenly he felt "beings" surrounding him, and although they were invisible, when he waved his arms in front of him he felt a coldness and his arms being slowed by their bodies. He was very sincere, and not putting us on. As I recall in all other aspects this teacher was very rational and professional.

As a ten year-old I didn't give it much thought, but this story came to mind as we process the antics of Tom Cruise.

He believes psychiatry is a pseudo-science promoted by the Nazis (I didn't know Jung and Freud were party members), and that mental illness can be cured by vitamins.

Cruise also believes in Xenu, Body Thetans, Alien warfare on Earth, and auditing.

Now in terms of his career Cruise seems to be a pretty highly-functioning type of guy, and, like my otherwise normal 6th grade school teacher, also convinced that space aliens are part of our everyday existence.

So these thoughts raise the question - do you believe that Space Aliens have been or are among us, and am I simply behind the times in accepting this belief? Do I need one of these?