Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Laboratory Rat

The Wichita Killer's plea today got me searching in vain for some explanation of his behavior. One paper suggests its neither nature or nurture -

Psychopathy is not associated with low birth weight, obstetric complications,
poor parenting, poverty, early psychological trauma or adverse experiences, and
indeed Robert Hare remarks ‘I can find no convincing evidence that psychopathy
is the direct result of early social or environmental factors’ (Hare, 1993, p.
170). No sound evidence of neuroanatomical correlates for psychopathic behavior
has been found, though an interesting (and highly significant) negative
correlation has been found in 18 psychopaths between the degree of psychopathy
and the size of the posterior half of the hippocampi bilaterally.

The authorities need to take advantage of Dennis Rader's guilty plea and upcoming life sentence and use him like a laboratory rat.

He needs to be scanned, probed, prodded, dissected, MRI'ed, X-rayed, zapped, interviewed, tested, drugged, interrogated, scoped, sampled, and biopsied.

We should use his capture as an opportunity to get closer to the bottom of why this behavior occurs, without concern about the subject.