Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why Hillary Won't Become President

It dawned on me today: Political views aside, Hillary won't be President because a) she wants it too bad, and b) she doesn't have a compelling life-story outside of politics.

Every job that I ever got through an interview process came to me when I didn't really need it. I wasn't desperate, and I approached each interview humbly and with enthusiasm but with a quiet confidence that failure to be selected wouldn't dent my psychic armor. A similar dynamic is at play with Hillary.

Hillary reeks of requiring power, and she has been calculating her ascent for so long that the Presidential race will be viewed as an all-or-nothing event in which she's staked her entire post-Bill life. Her aura of invincibility will wear thin with the general public who will interpret her iconic image as her own sense of entitlement. People will be wary of WHY she wants to be President.

And she doesn't have a life outside of politics, Rose Law Firm notwithstanding. With a couple of exceptions, Americans prefer a leader who seems self-realized and rounded in their life experiences. Reagan had his ranch and his career, Bush One had his war heroism and foreign service career, Bush II had his baseball team and his ranch, Bill Clinton has his women. What symbolizes Hillary's life outside of politics?

She's a pretty good political hack, but humorless, overly earnest, mediocre orator, and a poor dresser. I can't see her as President.