Saturday, September 03, 2005

Shaking Spears Endorses...

this man for President in 2008. And this man for his VP.

Enough of all this political posturing and tweaking of policies on the margins. No more emotionalism and pandering to the lowest common denominator. To hell with photo ops and silly debates.

We need to rebuild a flooded American city (preferably after adding at least 10 feet of landfill), and we're in a global war against a radical, nihilistic ideology.

The Chinese are salivating over Taiwan, and the North Koreans are loons with nukes.

The ayatollahs of Tehran are on a jihad to enrich uranium, Chavez wants to cut off our oil and nationalize Latin America, and the Europeans have given up on fighting for their civilization.

Our borders are wide open, and our domestic oil production capability is scandalously weak.

The Huns are nipping at our heals, and domestic factions are working overtime to weaken our resolve.

This country needs street-tough leadership. Rudy's clean-up of New York City is the right model for improving the quality of life in other U.S. cities, as well as many regions of the world. We should forget about compromising our values and policies for our "allies" and the siren's song of U.N. conferences, and cut to the chase: without American leadership, the world degenerates into the equivalent of a New Orleans Convention Center surrounded by a flooded cesspool.

Giuliani's leadership on 9/11 was brilliant, and he believes in results, not posturing. The modern presidency, in this day of terror, catastrophe, and conflict, is all about crisis management. No more campaigning on midnight basketball or saving ANWAR - we need serious men for serious times.

And if his VP wants to keep a lady friend in each city on taxpayer expense, so be it. Just make sure that the 82nd Airborne arrives when the country needs it.